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I am currently seeking a female business partner to brainstorm with, be accountable to, give/get critiques, and to share successes & challenges with.

Is this you?

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The most important element is that you MUST have a passion for health & wellness! I’m into moderation, not dieting. I love the Intuitive Eating method, so I’d preferably want someone who agrees with me in this.
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What I envision for this partnership is being able to connect (through Facebook and/or email) on a day-to-day basis, and possibly chatting via Skype or Zoom once or twice a month. I’m looking for a bit of a collaboration. You don’t have to be in the same business as me, but –again– the health & wellness thing is a must.
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It would be amazing if you are someone looking to build your own business, and to make an impact! Even better, you believe it’s your job to (sensitively) educate others about health and mindset!
Maybe you haven’t yet started your own business, and you need help in doing so … I can most certainly help you in this! I’ve been self-employed, now, for almost 4 years … and have learned what works, and what doesn’t work, for me, in business. I’d be more than happy to share the lessons I’ve learned!

If you already have your own business, though, that’s okay, too! If you’re passionate about health & wellness, and fit most of my other criteria (see image above), then I want to hear from you!
Use the form below to send me an email, and we’ll chat to see whether or not you’re the one I’m looking for. ;)
Thanks so much!
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Get Healthy

Hey there!

Are you looking to improve your health, your mindset, and your life? You’ve come to the right place!

I am the founder and leader of Team Unleashed Fitness, where I teach women –through health, fun, and faith– how to become and own who they were created to be, following a path that is simple and unique to them.

Every month, I run accountability challenges, where I share tips, meal ideas, and encouragement for you to take your health to the next level.

I also offer one-on-one accountability via email.


Free Health Assessment & Personal Recommendations

Team Unleashed Fitness (Facebook page)

Fit for Kingdom Living community (free group)

Team Unleashed Fitness – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Team Unleashed Fitness – Resources {password protected}

custom-plan for health and weight loss | Life, Unleashed


What is Mindful Eating?

On Nerds & Nourishment

True Nourishment

The Importance of Mindset

You Always Have a Choice

Team Unleashed Fitness LOGO

Custom Health Recommendations

The best way — in my opinion — to get healthy (or, to do anything, for that matter!), is to find what works FOR YOU, specifically.

Each one of us is unique, and therefore we can’t have a “one-size-fits-all” plan! It might work for the short-term, but it will never last.

I’d love to help you find that thing –that plan– that is unique to you, and helps you reach your goals!

Fill out this quick form, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours (or on the next business day) with my recommendations for what might work best for you! Then we can chat about how you can go about putting these recommendations into place!

custom-plan for health and weight loss | Life, Unleashed

Let’s keep it simple! No one needs anything more complicated added to their already busy lives! Am I right?

How Can I Be a Health Coach?

I don’t look like a “health coach”… I barely act like a health coach (yet). So, why do I call myself a Health Coach? Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?

Life, Unleashed - Health Coach

These are the thoughts that run through my head. But, to answer all of the above…

(1) I deeply care about the health & well-being of others, and want to help them (you!), learn what I have learned –and am still learning– about eating, exercise, and mental health

(2) I am a Health Coach because I am actively working on improving my own health and well-being, while I work to “pay-it-forward” and help you to improve yours.

The way I see it, I’m walking this path ALONGSIDE those I’m helping, fully able to relate to and understand where you are at.

I can sympathize with my clients, because I have (& have had) the same kinds of struggles.

However, I have also learned a lot about how to overcome the challenges and obstacles that get in the way of us becoming our healthiest & best selves, and I am passionate about teaching these things to those who are willing to join me (while I continue to practice these things, myself!).

So, yes… I am a Health Coach. I help women (and men, if any choose), to become & own who they were created to be, through health, faith, and fun, by working together to design a plan that is simple & unique to them.

Wanna join me?

e-Book: “Mindfulness & Eating: The Journey to Health & Wellness” by Jenn

Mindfulness & Eating | eBook cover | alifeunleashed.comDescription:  Learn my best tips for how to eat mindfully so you can eat smaller amounts, eat healthier, and shrink down to the size you’re meant to be. You’ll also read about my journey, thus far, on the path to becoming more intentional with my health.




  • Pregnancy & Putting On the Weight
  • Trying Various Methods for Weight Loss
  • The Book That Changed My Perspective on Dieting
  • Success!
  • Holidays & Relapse


  • Gaining Knowledge
  • Finding What Works For YOU!
  • Thoughts & Mindset
  • 10 Lessons Learned About Eating & Weight Loss
  • Finding Your “Why”
  • Intuitive Exercise


  • More Knowledge Gained
  • Letting Go of Excuses
  • Discovering My Identity
  • Leveling Up
  • Decisions
  • A Changed Lifestyle


RESOURCES (link to private page on the blog)


Doesn’t it drive you crazy when a friend or family member suddenly gets on a health-kick, and starts putting their running log and/or sweaty selfies all over Facebook? You think to yourself, “Well, gee, good for you… but I don’t want to see that!” So {click}… you unfollow them.

Unfollowing | Life, Unleashed

Five years ago, I did just that — I’d unfollow anyone who was working on bettering themselves and sharing their progress on social media. Why? Because it reminded me of how much I, myself, wasn’t doing in my own life. It highlighted the truth and my weaknesses, and that made me uncomfortable. So, it was easier to unfollow these people than it was to face my own issues.

Something funny happened, though. Much as I no longer followed these people, the “seed” had already been planted. While I didn’t see the connection, in the midst of things, I did go on to work on my own issues — my own health, and mindset — and got to a place where I was ready to seek out those who could push me. Now, instead of being repelled, I was being drawn to those who were working on bettering themselves because they inspired me to want more for myself.

In April 2016, I’d done a lot of work on renewing my mindset, and was ready to get my body healthy, too. So, I signed myself up for a gym membership. I told myself, “Enough is enough” — I was done being a “victim” in my life, and was ready to become the strong, confident, healthy woman I knew I was created to be.

At the same time, an acquaintance of mine –Sarah– had also been struggling to get healthy, and had made the decision to do something about it. She shared on Facebook about how she’d chosen to sign up as a health coach, so that she’d have the built-in accountability of being an example to others, and to have the possibility of making a bit of side income while doing so.

Over the course of the following year, I continued to go to the gym 2x/week to work on building up my strength, and Sarah worked out at home, using her online fitness workouts. I didn’t lose much weight (since I was still overeating how I’d always done), and Sarah was steadily dropping pounds and inches (since she’d also started clean eating, along with her workouts).

As of April 2017, Sarah had built a team of others who were now also working out and eating better consistently, and she was earning a decent amount of income from this part-time business (despite the fact that she’s a mom of 3 who was working full-time, and going to school full-time, all while managing her household!). She’d dropped 30+ pounds, too! I couldn’t just sit by any longer. If she could do it, so could I… so I became a coach, too!

Sarah’s transformation

Honestly, I’m two months in, as of this writing, but I love it! The other coaches are all so positive and upbeat, and the company’s leaders are heart-centered business people, focused on ending the trend of obesity, through helping people live healthier, more fulfilling lives. There’s a service mindset that runs throughout the entire organization, and I am proud to be a part of this.

Wanna know something funny, though? Sarah likes to tell the story of how she, herself, at one point, had unfollowed her friend, Rosa — who later became the person that inspired Sarah to become a coach! It took three years of following (and unfollowing) Rosa, for Sarah to finally be ready to make the decision to invest in her health. The seed had been planted, though.

I believe we all have to go through our own process of working on our mindset and the other inner demons that hold us back. We all have the ability to transform our lives… but we have to believe that it’s possible, and we have to find the method that works best for us.

I thought I could do it on my own. I was wrong. I needed the accountability, just as much as anyone else.

Now I’m working on paying it forward, while I continue to work on myself.

And you can do the same!

The Best Version of You

What would the best version of you — and your life — look like? Have you ever given that any serious thought?

Best Version of Yourself | Life, Unleashed

Most of us have at least one area of our lives that we would like to change (if not many). Consider the following areas:

  1. health
  2. relationships (love)
  3. work
  4. spirituality
  5. finances
  6. leisure
  7. shelter
  8. friends/family

What is ONE thing you’d like to change (or, upgrade) in just one of those areas? Better yet, what is one change you’d like to make in each of those areas, in order to get you closer to what you feel is the “best version” of yourself and your life?

My own list looks something like this:

  • Health: Delete 70 lbs (’cause I don’t plan on getting those excess pounds back!)
  • Relationship: Have more patience
  • Work: Be more consistent
  • Spirituality: Take time out, daily, to chat with the Lord
  • Finances: Build up savings, so that we have security
  • Leisure: Travel, and go out on dates more often
  • Shelter: Move to a bigger house (we’ve outgrown this one)
  • Friends/Family: Reach out, keep in touch more, be more involved

Does thinking about all of those changes make you feel overwhelmed? It does for me! Thankfully, though, I’m learning that it is actually better not to make all of those changes all at once! Sure, I’d love to change it all in one go so that I can more quickly attain that “best me”. The problem is, when we try to do too much at once, we overwhelm ourselves, and we give up. Then we stew over it for a while, before deciding we still really want to change… and the cycle repeats.

There’s a better way.

Think about which area of your life, if you were to change it, would have the greatest impact on your well-being, overall… taking care of this one thing would make it easier, later on, to handle the changes in the other areas of your life.

For example, let’s say you choose health. Now, what is one tiny change you could make in your health — something so small that you’d barely notice the change — that you could do consistently? Maybe it’s doing some stretches every morning while waiting for your coffee to brew. You add that in, and practice it for a month. At the end of the month, you just stretch every morning, without even thinking about it — it has become part of your routine. BUT… you also start to notice that you’ve felt a bit more flexible, and have a tiny bit less pain… which, in turn, has enabled you to get a little more done most days than you used to. Hmm… And, all because you made one teensy, positive change to your health!

Darren Hardy calls this “The Compound Effect” (it’s also known as “kaizen” — practicing small, consistent efforts, over time, to get big results).

To continue our example: Now it’s month two… you pick a second area, or thing, to work on… maybe it’s your work. Again, you’re going to find one tiny, almost unnoticeable thing that you can change that –with consistent practice, over time– could produce some big results. Maybe you choose to, every morning, decide on the top three things that will have the best results for the day, and you focus on getting just those three things done. You write them down, determined to keep it to just three things — the most critical things. Then you work at those things first, before anything else you do that day, and without distraction.

At the end of month two, you’re thriving in your work, having accomplished more in the past four weeks than you did in the past year overall, and you’re still feeling good at the end of each work day, because you’re still stretching every morning (your habit from month one). And, you’re not as overwhelmed by all the undone tasks that used to loom over you from your habit of putting more on your to-do list than was realistically possible.

Now you’re on a roll!

Hunter S Thompson quote | Life, UnleashedSo, in month three, you pick another tiny change to focus on. And, at the end of the year, you have built 12 new, positive habits, your life looks radically different than it did 12 months ago, and your spirits are lifted because you are finally making progress in your life (toward living your ideal/best life) instead of constantly self-sabotaging, and getting stuck in a cycle of frustration and overwhelm. Whoohoo!

See, it is completely possible to change your life — just not all at once.

And, of course, it always helps to have someone who can hold you accountable to these changes you’re making… someone to turn to when you’re having a rough day, and finding it tempting to revert back to your old patterns. An accountability partner can encourage you, and remind you of why you wanted to make these changes in the first place. They can help you see past the bad day, and shine a light through the darkness.

Part of what I do, as a healthy living coach and mentor, is provide you with that accountability. I can email you once a week (or, on whatever schedule works best for you), to ask how things are going, and help you to keep moving forward. If that sounds like something you need, shoot me an email, and we’ll go over the details.

Life is too short for us to put off living our BEST life. It’s never too late to start making changes… you just have to be willing to take that first step. And I can help. ;)

Like Little Children

Why so serious?” – The Joker (The Dark Knight 2)

Do you ever let yourself relax enough to feel like a kid, again? Do you splash in puddles, or do you complain every time it rains? Do you ever run away from your significant other, sing-songing, “You can’t catch me!“, or are you too worried about what others might think?

Like Little Children | Life, Unleashed

As adults, for whatever reason, we seem to lose our ability to play. Instead, life becomes serious, and we worry about keeping up appearances.

In Matthew 18:3, Jesus says that, in order to get into heaven, we need to become like little children {note: He doesn’t say become children, but become like little children}. And what I believe He’s getting at, here, is that we need a renewed sense of awe & wonder.

Have you ever looked at a gorgeous sunset, and marveled at God’s artistic talent? I like to think of the sky as His great big canvas, and the sunsets as His works of art displayed for us to gush over!

Have you ever laid outside at night and watched the stars, and felt overwhelmed by the wonders of how deep and wide the universe actually is? It’s so mind-boggling, because our tiny, finite minds can’t even begin to grasp its size!

When is the last time you sat down and did some finger-painting — just got all-out messy, without a care?

I honestly think that part of why we suffer from so much stress and anxiety is because we spend most of our time worrying, and not nearly enough time playing.

Dr. Stuart Brown has a book called, “Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul“, in which he actually makes a scientific case about this… about how, when adults bring PLAY back into their lives, their health improves, their relationships improve, and more!

For me, incorporating “play” looks like taking time to color in my sketchbook, or getting creative with fingerpaints, or splashing in puddles after it rains, or climbing trees in my backyard, or rolling down the hill at the park with my kids.

Worried about grass stains, or ruining your clothes? Who cares?! Does a stain really matter in the grand scheme of things? Isn’t enjoying your LIFE far more important? Personally, I’d rather have ruined clothing and a carefree, relaxed spirit — a life full of joy! — than a pristine appearance, any day.


How can YOU add more play to your life? What inspires awe and wonder for you?

Why Authors & Writers Make Great Network Marketers

What do you think of when you hear the term “network marketing“? Does it make you skeptical? Do you envision pyramid schemes?

Well, did you know that it’s actually a legitimate business model endorsed by people like Sir Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett, and even President Donald Trump?

Why Authors & Writers Make Great Network Marketers | Life, Unleashed

Today, I’d like to provide you with a little more insight into what this model is about, but also why I believe that writers make great Network Marketers!

But first, a quick story…

For the past decade, or so, I have had the feeling that God would like me to become a Writer. I’ve fought against this, though (Jonah, anyone?) because I don’t like to write (or, so I’ve kept telling myself and others … journaling, yes; writing, no).

When I decided to join a network marketing company in April 2017, I thought I was off the hook, as far as writing goes.

One reason why I thought this was because it truly feels like everything in my life has led me here, to this point, with this particular company. My new role utilizes so many of my talents, skills, and passions, and over & over again, I keep finding that things I’d come across or researched for my previous business ideas are now fitting perfectly into my new business model! As such, it almost feels like this is what I was born to do.

As I’ve been studying how to be a better network marketing professional, I keep hearing the same message repeated in various places: “Facts tell, stories sell.” Apparently, to do this job well requires that you develop your copywriting skills. If you can weave a story about where you’ve been, where you are currently at, how the company’s products fit into your life and benefit you, as well as where you see yourself, moving forward, then you can be a great network marketer!

Of course, God’s got to be sitting back, chuckling to Himself, saying, “I’ll make a writer out of her, yet!” (so much for me thinking I’d “escaped”, huh?). God has such a great sense of humor!


According to

“Network Marketing is a type of business opportunity that is very popular with people looking for part-time, flexible businesses. Some of the best-known companies in America, including Avon, Mary-Kay Cosmetics, and Tupperware, fall under the Network Marketing umbrella.” {read more…}

Personally, I think it’s a great fit for anyone who has dreamed of starting their own business, but isn’t necessarily keen on learning about (or acquiring) the usual nitty-gritty bits, like distribution, marketing campaigns, hiring employees, etc. With the Network Marketing model, you are a “recommender” of products for the company you join. And the company itself deals with things like shipments, marketing campaigns, distribution, warehousing, inventory, etc.

And the awesome thing about the company that I chose to partner with is that there’s zero inventory that you have to purchase and keep on hand. There are products you’ll want to buy so that you can give your honest recommendations of them, sure. But you aren’t forking out a huge amount of money up front, with the hopes that you’ll sell off all of the stuff you bought.

{Still skeptical? Read, watch, and learn more, HERE.}


Here are just a few of the ways…


Writing tends to be a solitary profession, one that a lot of authors do from the comforts of home. So, what better way to add extra income to your work-at-home pursuits than with something else that you can do from home?

For those who say they need human interaction, that’s okay, too! The beauty of network marketing is that it can be done from anywhere you have access to a Wi-Fi connection. Or, you can hit up people in your local area, and then direct them to your website.


Yes, I just mentioned directing people to your website. But another perk of network marketing is that most companies will now give you a website that’s already all set up for you, and you just pay a small fee per month (with my company, it’s $15 USD per month — which is a lot cheaper than you’d normally pay for your own website set-up and hosting, not to mention you’d still have the hassles of having to pay a designer or set it all up yourself!).

(Note: You will need to use social media, but mainly Facebook and maybe one other. I find most authors are already on social media for their book’s reach, so this isn’t really an issue, in my opinion).


As I already mentioned, to be good at Network Marketing almost requires you to be a good writer (or, at least, to build up your writing skills). The better you are at using your words to persuade people [not in a sleazy way, but in the sense of helping to educate them on a better method], the bigger reach you’ll have.

As a side benefit, I really believe that your readership for your books will grow alongside your network marketing business, as those you are being introduced to you via the products you’re promoting will also check you out and, in the process, learn more about your writing. Win-win!


We all wish there were more hours in the day. The great thing about network marketing — at least in the company I’m in — is that all of the “vital tasks” that are required for you to succeed can be completed in just one hour a day!  Many of the most successful network marketers are actually very busy people. They built their businesses either around their young children’s schedules, or around their full-time jobs.

What other job can you find that lets you set your own schedule, work part-time hours, be with your family more, and yet still have the opportunity to build a company that has the potential for financial freedom, time freedom, and more? Wouldn’t you love to change your family’s legacy?


One of the things I love best about the company I’m partnered with is that I have the chance to help others transform their lives for the better. And the more people that I serve, the greater opportunity I have to become financially secure, myself. My own family benefits from me helping others to become better versions of themselves.

The caveat I need to add here is that –as with most businesses– your income will be a direct reflection of the work you are putting in. “You reap what you sow“. No income level is guaranteed. This is not some get-rich-quick scheme… it will take time and dedicated effort. However, the possibilities are there. It all depends on what you’re willing to put into it.

Again though, the beauty of it is that, the more you focus on serving the people you come into contact with through your network marketing business, the more likely it is that your income will also grow, and will far exceed what you may have ever imagined was possible for you.


…according to multiple articles, including this one by the Globe & Mail. And writing is definitely a profession where one tends to sit for several hours at a time. As such, we could all use more movement in our lives. After all, our bodies were designed to move!

I, personally, chose to partner with a health & fitness company — despite  having never been “athletic” in my entire life — because I, myself, needed the motivation and accountability to move more, and to take better care of myself … to be a better steward of the life & body God’s given me.

Does this mean I have to become some “health nut” that exercises 7 days a week, and never eats another cheeseburger with fries? Absolutely not! Even our company’s CEO suggests that you find a workout schedule that best suits your lifestyle! And, as far as eating goes, I’m a huge fan of mindful (or intuitive) eating — listening to our bodies’ natural, God-given cues of “hunger” and “satisfaction”, and eating what we love in accordance with those cues (I teach more about this in my free community on Facebook, and you’re welcome to join us!).

So, which of these benefits most appeals to you?

Do you have any questions? Feel free to message me and ask. I’d be happy to answer. (You can also read some of the common objections, here).

Hopefully I’ve helped you to see some of the possibilities that are available to you through this business model of network marketing! IMHO, it really is the “best kept secret” in the world of entrepreneurship!


FAQs – Team Unleashed Fitness



  • First off, do you like people? Do you make friends easily? Do you genuinely care about others’ well-being and want to help?
  •  Then YOU CAN do this!
  • There are LOTS of successful, introverted coaches!


  • I understand! …truly!
  • Many coaches start BEFORE they, themselves, have “transformed”. They work on themselves while they are helping others. You are more relatable to those you’re helping, that way!


  • Great news! If you can spare just one hour a day — even if that’s broken up into 15 minutes here, and 20 minutes there, etc. (eg. while waiting in line somewhere ), then you can TOTALLY make this work for you! … maybe you could give up a TV show or two?
  • All of my company’s “vital behaviors” for success fit within ONE hour! Those include engaging with your community, sharing your story, Personal Development, and using the products.
  • The most successful network marketers are actually VERY busy people! They know how to MAKE time for what’s most important to them!
  • I could list off a whole bunch of our coaches who have worked full-time jobs, AND cared for their young children, yet STILL managed to be successful with this. My friend, Sarah, for example! She was working full-time, going to school full-time, and caring for her 3 kids and hubby … and still managed to make this work for her! In one year, she has over 12 people under her (in her “downline”), and is one of the top coaches in Canada!


  • No need to become a “health nut” or absolutely obsessed with the industry
  • Even our CEO says to find a schedule (for working out) that works for you!
  • You just need a willingness to take action on bettering your health, and then to create your own plan that fits with your circumstances & preferences.


  • First, what’s your previous experience with it? What has left you wary?
  • There are NO home parties to host
  • There is NO inventory required to purchase and/or stock
  • There are NO pushy sales … instead, you tell YOUR story, and demonstrate how being a part of this company fits into your own life… and if you see someone who you think could really benefit from the products or the opportunity, then you talk with them about it! But, we don’t PUSH. We share, and then the decision is left up to the other person.


  • The great thing about network marketing, is you are actively looking to make NEW friends!
  • Lots of training is provided on how to find new people, and how to build relationships
  • The online world of social media means we are no longer limited to our hometown… we have a global reach!
  • Think of all the people you have ever encountered, over the course of your entire life… that’s a lot of people! So, you can most certainly guarantee you know more people than those that immediately come to mind.


  • Describe what a “leader” looks like to you …
  • What makes you believe that YOU don’t have what it takes to become that … to build the skills, and attain those qualities?
  • What would God say about this?
  • Leadership is a SKILL that can be LEARNED. And you’d have me as your guide & support!


  • Do you want to be able to have that kind of self-discipline?
  • Aren’t you tired of always giving up on your goals, or having to start over & over again?
  • This will give you the accountability you need to stick with it! (studies show that accountability increases your chances for success… eg. see Weight Watchers)
  • Discipline is also a SKILL that can be LEARNED through practice!


  • What inspires YOU?
  • We provide you with ample training and success partners so that you can learn how to do these things.
  • You aren’t just going to have to “wing it”!


  1. Pyramid schemes are ILLEGAL… and they are based on money-only exchanges. There are no physical products involved. My company, on the other hand, has products that its coaches help promote & sell, as well as use themselves. Even our CEO is a “product of the product”!
  2. My company is certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and also by the Direct Sellers Association (DSA).
  3. Our CEO acts with integrity… he can be found, daily, using the products himself. His passion is for ending the obesity epidemic. He talks about this frequently in his videos.
  4. This organization is filled with some of the happiest, most upbeat, and encouraging individuals you will ever meet! It’s a company filled with positivity! And, so many people will tell you that this opportunity has completely changed their lives for the better, as well as their families’ legacies. There are many, many “rags-to-riches” stories.
  5. I know of so many Christians who are coaches. I believe this is because the company aligns so well with our Christian beliefs about stewardship (caring for what we’ve been entrusted with, including our bodies), and being of service to the world!


…coming soon!…

Have a question that’s not answered here? Shoot me an email!