I love to teach, and to learn. And I’ve always been a fan of psychology, personal development, and self-reflection.

I’ve gone through several iterations of blogs, in the past few years, looking for that ONE thing that I can write about consistently. All the successful bloggers say you “have to pick a specific niche” so that people will know that your site is for them, and so they’ll be able to relate to and connect with your content. So, I’ve tried. And I’ve tried, and I’ve tried, and I’ve tried. Seriously. All I learned from that was that sticking myself in a “box” is NOT being true to who I am.

As such, what you will find here is a mix of things. They’ll usually fall into one of the following categories:


… though, you’re probably going to find me writing on other topics, too (just saying).

If you really need to put a label on it, and know what’s at the heart of what I write, it usually boils down to the same thing: FREEDOM. And, even more specifically, becoming (and being) who you were uniquely created to be.

After all, we all basically want the same things, right?

  • to live fully
  • to love & be loved
  • to make a difference

What does it mean to “live fully”? How can YOU “make a difference”? Those are things I’d like to explore here, at Life, Unleashed.

I will be sharing a lot about what I’ve learned –and am currently learning– through life experience. It might seem random but, again, it all comes back to freedom. I hope to see people “set free” to be themselves, and to create a life they feel satisfied with and fulfilled by.

Overall, this blog is a place where you can learn: learn to be who you were made to be, learn how to live life with grace & curiosity, and learn the freedom that comes through letting go of others’ expectations of you and, instead, choosing to do life in the way that feels right for you… no apologies necessary.


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Life, Unleashed blogger, JennI am a married mom of two teens, and we live in SW Ontario, Canada. My Myers-Briggs personality type is INFP + ENFP (an ambivert!), and I am a multi-passionate, fiercely-independent, creative dreamer. I’m also an artist, visionary, reader, and lover of music, dancing, and sunshine.

In 2013, I was finally able to pursue my lifelong dream of self-employment, and I’ve had a blast learning how to do business online, and figuring out what methods and ideas work best for me (which ones fit best with my own unique blend of personality, skills, and preferences).

Teaching via my blog doesn’t feel like “work” to me, as it has always just been a natural extension of who I am. It took me several years to figure this out (ha!), but I am loving where I am at now, and where I can see things going in my future.


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