As a Millennial woman, you’re just in the beginning stages of building a life you can be proud of. So it’s important to lay the right foundations, now, in your health, faith, work, etc. I understand. As someone who has been there, it can seem overwhelming when every source is trying to add to your list of “should do’s”, or you’re coming up against opposition from those who feel they know better what’s best for you.

For the majority of my life, I’ve been very independent. My family loves to remind me of all the times I’ve fought to assert my will (I even got myself kicked out at age 19!).

And yet, this fierce determination to go my own way has actually ended up being a good thing, as it’s allowed me to ignore the clatter of the world’s opinion, and to discover, instead, what works best for me. After all, God created each one of us uniquely, so no one method is going to work exactly the same way for everyone.

I believe that once you are aware of the options available, and once you know how you were uniquely designed, you can begin exploring different possibilities, to find the methods that fit best with your unique blend of personality, circumstances, and preferences.

And it doesn’t have to take long, either! For example, in just the last five years, I’ve gone from seriously stressed in a job I hated, and suffering from heart flutters and chest pains, to now being the strongest I’ve ever been, mentally, and feeling like the world is wide open to me, and anything is possible!

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I’m on a mission to empower you to design a life that sets you free, while providing you with support, encouragement, and guidance along your journey.

You are not stuck. There is hope!

And you can create a solid foundation on which to thrive!

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profile picI am a married mom of two, and we live in SW Ontario, Canada. My Myers-Briggs personality type is INFP + ENFP (an ambivert!), and I am a multi-passionate, fiercely-independent, creative dreamer. I’m also an artist, visionary, reader, and lover of music, dancing, and sunshine.

In 2013, I was finally able to pursue my lifelong dream of self-employment, and I’ve had a blast learning how to do business online, and figuring out what methods and ideas work best for me (which ones fit best with my own unique blend of personality, skills, and preferences).

Teaching via my blog doesn’t feel like “work” to me, as it has always just been a natural extension of who I am. It took me several years to figure this out (ha!), but I am loving where I am at now, and where I can see things going in my future.


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