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    Refusing Average

    I’m not great at consistency. I admit that. But I am definitely working on improving that. I’ve also never been one that’s comfortable with sharing about my day to day life with everyone — mostly because it just feels boring… too “normal” or “average”. But you know what? My everyday is UNIQUE to me … and that’s what makes it something that has the potential to be interesting to others. We all love stories, right? We enjoy knowing we aren’t alone … that there are others out there who live “normal” lives, too. However, I refuse to let my life be “AVERAGE”. For far too long, I’ve settled for just…

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    If you have seen the Disney/Pixar movie, “Up“, you probably caught the reference in today’s post title. Yes, I’m talking about… what, again? Oh, right — distraction.   The Dark Side has many tricks and tools in its arsenal to keep us from living the full & abundant life God promised us. Some of those schemes include: Discouragement | Fear | Procrastination | Gluttony | Apathy | Convenience | Mediocrity | Doubt | Ease | Instant Gratification | Laziness | Overwhelm | Pride | Greed | Lust | Anger | Jealousy …and, of course, DISTRACTION. The devil knows that we are easily distracted, so he uses this to keep us…

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    Battling For Freedom

    It was raining. A dismal, grey day in February. It made me want to curl up on the couch and ignore my priorities. I had things to do, but the Dark Side (how I refer to the devil & his minions, lately) was fighting hard to keep me down. I’m sure you have had days like these, yourself. And, as my newly acquired accountability partner, Anna, likes to say, the struggle is real. I am thanking God for Anna, though! I’d complained to her about how I was feeling, and I tried to make excuses for why I wasn’t going to get things done. But she wouldn’t let me succumb…

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