The Creative’s Everlasting Struggle: Dealing With Perfectionism

Do you ever have the desire to create something — whether it’s painting, drawing a picture, or writing a blog post — and you just can’t seem to express it the way you want to? This has been one of my biggest struggles in blogging.

The Creative's Everlasting Struggle | Life, UnleashedI have so many ideas of things I would love to write about… topics that set my soul on fire. I have so much I’d like to share! Yet, when I set out to write what’s on my mind, I can’t seem to get things to translate properly from my head to the page (or screen). It is extremely frustrating!

I think a lot of it comes down to perfectionism, though. Instead of just getting something out there, I feel like, if I can’t say it the way I “see” it in my head, then it’s not “good enough”, and I can’t share it at all. Sometimes (okay — quite often, truth-be-told), this fear completely disables me, and I end up doing nothing — which only adds to my frustration.


One of the things I’ve discovered, recently, is that when I feel like I have to write posts for my blog (because it is a part of my business), then I am even more stricken by this “perfectionist” disease. This is a part of why, in changing websites from A Daily Rhythm to Life, Unleashed, I made the decision that — at least, for now — Life, Unleashed will not be a business but, instead, solely a blog. I had lost the joy of blogging just for blogging’s sake, and needed to get that back.

So, as of right now, I am still in the process of “recovering” (I hope) from the need to have everything I write be “perfect” in order to send it out to the world. I am learning that the only way that my writing will improve is if I give myself permission to “write poorly” for a time, and to just learn to post consistently. The more I write, the better I will get. And the better my writing gets, the less this need for perfection will haunt me.

 Do you ever suffer from this struggle — unable to get things from your head to the page, and have them look how you “pictured” them? What do you do to overcome this?

2 thoughts on “The Creative’s Everlasting Struggle: Dealing With Perfectionism

  1. Reading your blog post reminded me of a passage in a book that resonated with me so much that I wrote it down in a notebook I keep of quotes. It’s from The joy of less, by Francine Jay: “‘Good enough’. These two words changed my life, and put me back in control of my time. They lowered my stress, brightened my outlook, and made me more enthusiastic to take on life’s challenges. No longer did I have to labor over every detail of every project, every word of every paragraph, every ingredient of every meal. Perfect wasn’t necessary; ‘good enough’ was good enough”. As you say, sometimes when we strive for perfection, it keeps us from doing things because we can’t be perfect. Accept that perfection can be overrated and get out there!!!! You go girl! Looking forward to following your new blog!

    1. Ah… so good! Thank you for sharing that!

      And thanks for the support. :) I’m learning… slowly, but surely.

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