Frequently Asked Questions

In case you had any questions…


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Q: Is Life, Unleashed a BLOG, or a business?

A: Life, Unleashed is primarily a blog. I have services that I offer, but they are not the focus, here.

Q: Will there be a lot of “Christian”, or religious, stuff here?

A: I am a Jesus-follower (born-again Christian), so yes, there will be a lot of Christian content on this site. I actually consider it to be a Christian Lifestyle blog. In order to be completely authentic and genuine, I cannot –and will not — “hide” my faith. I know that not everyone will agree with my viewpoint, but that’s okay. I hope we can all remain respectful, nonetheless. And to be clear, I am not one of those “shove-it-down-your-throat” types. I hate that style, honestly.

Q: What are the main topics on this blog?

A: Here at Life, Unleashed, you will find posts on such topics as: Essentialism, authenticity, personalities, freedom, choices, mindset, perspective, intentional living, nonconformity, life as a multipassionate (generalist), simple living, story, possibilities, transformation, hope, mindfulness… and more! {see my About page for the main idea behind this site}

Q: What’s in it for me (your reader)?

A: I write with the hope that I can encourage you to see that you are NEVER truly “stuck” in your current circumstances — you ALWAYS have choices. Sometimes we just have to look a little harder, or be a little more creative in our thinking. I also hope to inspire you to go all out in pursuit of a bold, authentic life. I believe that…

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Q: What if I really AM “stuck” in my present circumstances — and there honestly is no way out?

A: Like I said, you always have choices. It is just a matter of perspective. Maybe you can’t change your physical surroundings, or a relationship that you are currently involved in. But I would bet that you can come up with some ideas for how you might be better able to respond to, or deal with, those circumstances. {If you need help brainstorming, feel free to send me an email}.

Q: How can you be so optimistic in a world that is falling apart?

A: I have to daily CHOOSE to have a positive outlook on life. Over time, it has become more automatic. Yet, I still have days where I feel negative, too. The mess that this world is currently in makes it very difficult to keep a positive outlook, 100% of the time. And yet, I choose to hold onto the hope that God has promised of a good future. And I know who wins in the end. Besides, there are enough cynical, jaded, negative people in this world… We need more people who choose to see the positives — those who will intentionally LOOK FOR the good. Don’t you agree?

{ … to be continued … }