[cv_section id=”” color_scheme=”main” bg_source=”default” bg_preset_pattern=”green_cup” bg_color=”” bg_image=”” bg_style=”cover” bg_attachment=”scroll” bg_video_fallback=”” bg_video_webm=”” bg_video_ogv=”” bg_video_mp4=”” bg_scrolling=”none” bg_scrolling_speed=”normal” overlay_opacity=”none” overlay_color=”” sidebar_layout=”no-sidebar” sidebar=”sidebar” parallax=”false” min_height=”none” stretched=”false” border_top=”none” border_bottom=”none” padding_top=”normal” padding_bottom=”normal” visibility=”all” forced_height=”” class=””][cv_spacer_row size=”small” custom=””][cv_column_row spacing=”normal” v_align=”true” styling=”dividers” entrance=”fadeIn” layout=”1/3+2/3″ visibility=”all”][cv_column][cv_image id=”1387″ size=”cv_full” width=”” align=”left” link=”” style=”rounded” entrance=”none”][/cv_column][cv_column][cv_text_block]I see you … desperately wanting a change, but continually feeling stuck, repeating the same old patterns, day in and day out. You feel you are meant for more, but just don’t see how to get there. You feel weak and powerless — but there’s a fire within you that makes you keep getting up to try and try again. You just need that bit of a boost … that one spark that will ignite the blaze.

I believe that we cannot effectively fulfill our purpose in life if we can’t even get our butts off the couch, and if we allow ourselves to feel like a “victim” of our circumstances — like we are stuck and can’t move forward. Therefore, I am here to bring you HOPE! I aim to show you that you are NOT stuck … and to teach you to live free!

I aim to empower you to dig into the questions, learn who you are and how you function best (how God uniquely designed you), and then to give you back your power — the mindset of strength and courage — to own who and Whose you are, without apology. We will work on leveling up your faith (in both God, and yourself), and I will teach you how to start living free — free of others’ expectations, free of the shoulds, free of the mundane and the mediocre.

You will learn to renew your mindset, take responsibility for your choices, seek God for direction, journal for clarity, and use your newfound knowledge to take action and to OWN your part in God’s greater story.

Through it all, you can expect new insights, renewed hope, and a fierce sense of purpose and belonging. You will no longer see yourself as a victim of your circumstances, but as a warrior for the Kingdom, ready to fight to become the best version of yourself, and live the life God created you for.[/cv_text_block][/cv_column][/cv_column_row][cv_spacer_row size=”small” custom=””][cv_action_box title=”Are you in?” description=””][cv_button_child text=”ABSOLUTELY!” url=”post:1456″ style=”glassy” color=”content” custom_color=”” icon_position=”before” icon=”ok”][/cv_action_box][cv_spacer_row size=”small” custom=””][cv_column_row spacing=”normal” v_align=”false” styling=”dividers” entrance=”rotateInUpLeft” layout=”1/3″ visibility=”all”][cv_column][cv_image id=”1410″ size=”cv_square_medium” width=”” align=”center” link=”post:1381″ style=”none” entrance=”none”][/cv_column][cv_column][cv_image id=”1411″ size=”cv_square_medium” width=”” align=”center” link=”post:1456″ style=”none” entrance=”none”][/cv_column][cv_column][cv_image id=”1412″ size=”cv_square_medium” width=”” align=”center” link=”post:326″ style=”none” entrance=”none”][/cv_column][/cv_column_row][cv_spacer_row size=”small” custom=””][cv_row entrance=”fadeInUp” visibility=”all”][cv_testimonial_group style=”slider” display_images=”true”][cv_testimonial author_img=”1389″ author_name=”Elizabeth H.” author_info=”Entrepreneur” company_name=”” company_url=””]Jenn has been a great, ongoing support and encouragement, as I have struggled with the challenges of growing and running my business. She is always quick to lend support, and push me toward the goals I have set for myself, even on the days when it feels impossible. Without her as my cheerleader and encourager, I may have given up long ago.[/cv_testimonial][cv_testimonial author_img=”1390″ author_name=”Kelly Porter” author_info=”Entrepreneur” company_name=”” company_url=””]When I was having frustration putting all of my ideas into my blog, logically, Jenn reached out to help me. It was like having someone take all of the clutter in my mind and make it into a neat list. Jenn’s willingness to help, and the vast array of knowledge she holds, is an incredible gift that she shares with others. I’m glad I found her through a mutual Facebook group, because otherwise I would still be totally lost.[/cv_testimonial][cv_testimonial author_img=”1391″ author_name=”Shawn Quintero” author_info=”Author” company_name=”WealthierU” company_url=””]Jenn is a human encyclopedia when it comes to literally anything and everything. I have asked her a question, and she gives me a list of ten resources to go look at. I’ve asked her for some type of resource, and she doesn’t just give you one, she gives you a ton! She gets all sides and angles. I am so appreciative of all the help Jenn has given me and the people in my community.[/cv_testimonial][cv_testimonial author_img=”1390″ author_name=”Wadeny Lockhart” author_info=”Entrepreneur” company_name=”” company_url=””]Jenn is a woman with a big heart and big dreams. In a recent conversation with her, it became very clear that she has a heart for God, and a desire to inspire women to embrace their dreams, and live a life that puts Jesus first. I highly recommend that you get to know Jenn.[/cv_testimonial][cv_testimonial author_img=”1392″ author_name=”Stan Michael” author_info=”Teacher” company_name=”” company_url=””]Jenn has a resource for just about any subject I’ve spoken with her about. She has a wide-ranging knowledge base, due to her many interests. Jenn is definitely your go-to source for information online.[/cv_testimonial][cv_testimonial author_img=”1390″ author_name=”Noemi Mate” author_info=”Small Business Owner” company_name=”” company_url=””]I am an offline entrepreneur, and I’ve wasted so much time (that could have been spent working) on trying to figure out what to do, before meeting Jenn.

Jenn helped me to find good resources for reliable information, and helped clarify my decision to follow only certain experts to avoid being overwhelmed with information. When I was totally freaked out on what to concentrate on, Jenn helped me realize that a few is sometimes better.

I would definitely recommend Jenn. She was very understanding with my problems, and it felt like she was not some distant expert, but someone closer to me who once had the same questions I was now struggling with.[/cv_testimonial][/cv_testimonial_group][/cv_row][/cv_section]