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    Remember playing “Hide-and-Go-Seek” as a kid? My favorite part was finding the best hiding place: As an introvert, it was even more fun, because it meant I got to be alone for a longer time before the “seeker” found me! Until recently, I didn’t realize it, but I’ve still been “hiding”. And, as an online entrepreneur, that’s not exactly the best practice… you actually want people to find you. Some of the ways I’ve been hiding include: not writing and publishing blog posts not following my friends’ posts on Facebook not commenting on others’ Facebook posts not promoting my services everywhere I can Part of the reason for all of…

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    A Sneak Peak: Into My Journal (02/17/2017)

    Here is yet another installment of the “Into My Journal” series, where I share a snippet from my own journal in order to show you the benefits of journaling, and to (hopefully) encourage you through the lessons I’ve been learning through my own writing. This past week, I’ve been researching “giving yourself permission to succeed” (and to earn money), and it has been really insightful. I so often subconsciously wait for “permission” before I move forward. And mostly, it’s because I am afraid of making the wrong choice — of having to start over again. I hate doing something “for nothing”. Though, really, there are 2 truths here: 1) It’s…

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