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    Sneak Peek: Into My Journal (02/06/2017)

    Here is yet another installment of the “Into My Journal” series, where I share a snippet from my own journal in order to show you the benefits of journaling, and to (hopefully) encourage you through the lessons I’ve been learning through my own writing. So, here is an entry from December 13, 2016: …It’s not like I don’t have any ideas on what to write — I have TONS of ideas!!! It’s just this dang fear… fear of my writing being “not good enough”, and fear of doing all the work and not getting anything from it (eg. comments). I guess part of that is impatience, too, as the longer…

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    Sneak Peek: Into My Journal (01/02/2017)

    Once again, I’m sharing a snippet from my own journal, in order to show you how you can get clarity through writing, and how God can use your journal to teach you things. This entry is from July 20, 2016: …That makes me wonder if my whole blogging premise is worth it? But, I know that it is not me who will change people’s minds. In fact, it’s like God and I are tag-teaming! All I can do is write about my own beliefs, experiences, and perspectives. Then God can step into the lives of my readers, and help open their minds to what He wants them to see. My…

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    Sneak Peek: Into My Journal

    In order to give you guys an idea of what journaling can do for you, I’ve decided to be really candid, and let you peek inside my journal, once in a while. I’d like to show you how my journals help me get clarity, and how God speaks to me through the pages. So, here is an entry from November 17, 2016: I’m back to the same old sticking point — the “quicksand” that stops me every time I try to move forward…the fear of writing content that others will read. And, as I just wrote that last sentence, God whispered, “Why don’t you give Me that fear, just like…

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    ROUND-UP: How to Start Journaling

    One of the things I’ve been told I do well is curating (gathering) information. Because I am constantly reading and researching, I tend to come across a lot of helpful information. But it’s not the most helpful if I keep it all to myself! So, I’d like to share what I’ve found by providing the occasional round-up posts where I link to others’ content. For today’s round-up, I’m sharing others’ posts on HOW TO START JOURNALING:           And two (2) more, with one that’s more specifically about writing for healing: How to Get Started Journaling (Elsie Road Magazine) 4 Ways to Write for Healing (Darcy Leech)

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    Journaling: Why It’s Beneficial & How to Start

    If you have ever thought that journaling just isn’t for you, or you don’t think that you would get anything out of keeping a journal … or, heck, maybe you do want to start a journal, but have no idea how to go about it … this post is for you. I have been a journaler since grade school, when an older friend gave me my first diary as a birthday gift. Nowadays, journaling is a practice I can’t live without. There are so many benefits to keeping a journal! To name just a few of my own personal favorites: SELF-AWARENESS You can start to see patterns in your behavior,…

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    How to Hang On When You’re Tired

    Do you ever just get so tired of trying to move forward? Do you have times where you’ve gone at things with such intensity for so long and, all-of-a-sudden, it hits you and you feel bone-weary? I do, too.   I’ve got a feisty, stubborn, independent spirit, so I tend to fight long and hard for what I believe in, and/or am passionate about. Yet, every now and then, I hit a wall, and I just cannot summon the strength to keep going. Can you relate? I’m not saying that I’ll give up entirely. Definitely not! But I think that life has a way of telling us that it’s time…

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    Do We Have These in Common?

    Just for fun, let’s see how many things we have in common, shall we?   STATIONARY STORE JUNKIE I absolutely love stationary stores! One of my earliest memories includes going to the stationary store with my Dad, and watching as he chose new markers (Dad was a sketch artist for the police department, back then). He had a whole bin full of different markers at home, and I do believe I got my love of browsing these stores from him. PEN PARTICULARS I’m very particular about the pens I use. My favorites are the Bic Cristal (usually blue). They write smoothly, don’t usually leave any smudges or ink drops, and they’re…